Season 2: Asian Americans In Love


Fall 2016 Class Schedule

Sept 8 – Randall Park Shorts

Oct 1 & 3 The Shot: Setting, Lighting & Mise-en-Scène

Reading: Corrigan & White, Chp. 2, “Exploring a Material World: Mise-en-Scène”

Screening: Al-Kompars / The Extras (Nabil Maleh, Syria 1993) 100 mins AGuest lectures this week by Prof. Peter Limbrick.

Oct 8 & 10 The Shot: Framing, Cinematography, Movement

Reading: Corrigan & White, Chp. 3, “Framing What We See: Cinematography”

Screening: Chungking Express (Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong 1994) 102 mins

Oct 15 & 17 Editing: Space, Time & Relations Between Shots

Reading: Corrigan & White, Chp. 4, “Relating Images: Editing,” part 1 (pp. 133-154)

Screening: Shadow of a Doubt (Alfred Hitchcock, US 1943) 108 mi

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