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Anyone who was forced to go to Chinese or Japanese school at the butt-crack early hours on a Saturday can relate. For me, as a kid of Vietnamese refugee parents, I had to go to Vietnamese school, which was held in the afternoons after prayer service, until I was kicked out for being too much of a ruckus in class.

My point is, Saturday school was hard. But, this podcast of the same name is a pure gem. It’s the equivalent of chilling with friends reminiscing on the good ole days, and in this case, it’s looking back at Asian American cinema and pop culture from the early aughts, which really helped shape the cultural views of Ada Tseng and Brian Hu, the hosts of this new podcast.

– Anderson Le, YOMYOMF, “Listen to the SATURDAY SCHOOL Podcast which explores Asian American comedy and the genius of Randall Park”

In each episode, called a lesson, Tseng and Hu discuss a film from the Asian American canon that they love and think everyone should watch. In the end, it illustrates that there’s a much richer history of Asian American storytelling than Hollywood currently shows us.

-Tenyia Lee, Mochi Magazine, “5 Asian American Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now”

Saturday School, from the Potluck Collective, teaches Asian-American pop culture history every week, when all the other kids are watching cartoons…. Saturday School is short in length but packs a punch.

-Dana from The Bello Collective, “Bello #45: Hear. Me. Roar.”


November 11, 2017 at the San Diego Asian Film Festival, “Where are the Asian American films for kids? Join Saturday School podcasters Ada Tseng and Brian Hu as they’re joined by special guest Lee Ann Kim to discuss Mulan, Moana, and more!”


April 29, 2017 at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, “Flower Drum Song with special guest Oliver Wang”

August 27, 2016 at The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival’s Potluck Podcast Collective Recording Lounge